Michelle Steinke-Baumgard: Using Exercise to Work Out Grief

In our conversation, Michelle Steinke-Baumgard, founder of OneFitWidow.com and author of Healthy Healing: A Guide to Working Out Grief Using the Power of Exercise and Endorphins, talks about how her fitness routine literally saved her life after her husband, Mitch, a pilot, was killed in a plane crash in 2009. 

Dr. Kevin McGuinness: Sometimes You Gotta Regress to Progress

Physical therapist Kevin McGuinness practices at Washington Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in Washington, D.C., where he treats all orthopaedic conditions but especially enjoys working with athletes and weekend warriors of all ages and abilities. In our conversation, Kevin talks about finding ways to exercise even if you face obstacles related to injury, disease, age, or even interest and ability, and tips on how to “listen to your body.” 

Live at Wanderlust 108 in Philadelphia

My epic day at Wanderlust 108 in Philadelphia on September 30, 2017, MC’d 58:45by Matthew Rodrigues. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to run 3 miles? Or take an outdoor group yoga or meditation class? The lineup in Philly was amazing, featuring Chelsey Korus leading the massive group yoga class, Noah Levine setting an intention for the run and during his guided meditation, and DJ Drez providing music throughout. Join me and my friend Elissa Borzilleri and her daughter Ellie as we soaked up the good energy of the day. You’ll also hear from Sean Hoess, one of the founders and co-owners of Wanderlust 108, the world’s first triathlon of the mind, body, and spirit.


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